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When Your Sleep Apnea Requires Surgery

Sleep apnea is more complicated than just a bothersome snore. It can be a life-threatening condition with serious consequences if... Read more ›

The Three A’s of Excellent Oral Surgeons

All patients may have a vision of their ideal surgeon: Experienced, understanding, professional, kind, maybe even funny or communicative. Most... Read more ›

What You Can Do Following Soft Tissue Facial Trauma

Here’s the unfortunate truth of our roles as oral surgeons: If everyone had it their way, our jobs wouldn’t exist.... Read more ›

The Biggest Red Flag for Dentists Issuing Oral Surgeon Referrals

When it comes time for a wisdom teeth removal or a tricky maxillofacial procedure, a dentist will issue an oral... Read more ›

What You Should Know About A Career in Oral Surgery

Ever spoke to Dr. Bouneff or Dr. Kooning about your next procedure and thought to yourself, “This would be a... Read more ›

A Brief History of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery has made huge strides in technological and methodological advancement in the past few years alone. Procedures are faster... Read more ›

How Do I Know It’s For My Wisdom Teeth to Come Out?

A looming oral surgery frequently inspires anxiety. That said, oftentimes leaving the problem without treatment is more troublesome than the... Read more ›

Top Three Video Types To Make Your Practice Stand Out

There is no doubt that video has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool in today’s world. In fact, recent research... Read more ›

Getting Into Dentistry – An Intro

Oral health is much more than a job. At Beaverton Oral Surgeons, we believe our practice is also our calling. From... Read more ›

Using Social Media To Benefit Your Dental Practice

If a doctor has no patients, they’re just a person with an office. Expertise and equipment will not be enough. And you must... Read more ›

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