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Bone Grafting
Beaverton, OR

Bone grafting is an increasingly common surgical procedure that our oral surgeons might perform for a variety of both health and aesthetic reasons. While bone grafting may not sound like something the typical dentist would perform, grafting treatments are actually some of the most important procedures that we do. Beaverton Oral Surgeons’s oral surgeons can help you with all your bone graft needs.

What Is a Bone Grafting Treatment?

A bone grafting treatment is a method of adding new bone, either to promote the long-term health and strength of your bone by encouraging bone growth, or to slow bone loss. Bone loss happens as part of the natural aging process, though it can be accelerated by losing teeth. By receiving a graft immediately afterward, this bone loss can actually be temporarily slowed, though only a dental implant can permanently stop it.

Types of Bone Graft Treatments

There are a number of different types of bone graft treatments. Some grafts, such as socket grafts and ridge augmentations, are often performed immediately following the removal of a tooth. These grafts help slow the bone loss that occurs after the loss of a tooth, meaning the underlying jaw is no longer being stimulated and starts to lose its calcium deposits. Other types of grafts, such as a sinus lift, can add a large amount of new bone to increase the health and density of your jawbone.

Bone Graft Material

No matter what type of bone graft you are receiving, you will have to choose the graft material that you want. It is often preferred to choose some of your own bone because it grows the best with your old bone. This is not always an option though as we must perform an extra operation to obtain the bone. Alternatives to your own bone include animal bone, bone from another human donor, or lab-grown synthetic bone. These all have successful track records of medical use and are readily available, but do not grow new bone as easily or as quickly as bone taken from your own body.

Can Bone Grafting Benefit You?

If you have lost bone mass, then bone grafting can benefit both your health and your appearance. Bone loss is associated with premature aging as your bone is needed to support your facial features. Healthy, dense bones are also needed to receive dental implants, as the implants are placed within the jawbone itself. While many patients lack sufficient bone mass, grafting treatments can easily remedy this.

What You Can Expect During a Bone Grafting Treatment

The grafting treatment itself often takes only an hour or so, but the recovery process is much longer. Your new graft has to fuse with your old bone so fresh bone can start to grow. This can take months, sometimes even longer.

Have More Questions?

If you want to know more about the different types of bone graft treatments, or how they can help revitalize your face and improve your eligibility for dental implants, our oral surgeons are looking forward to answering your questions. Call today at (971) 249-8370 to find out what Beaverton Oral Surgeons can do for you!
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Beaverton Oral Surgeons’s oral surgeons can help you with all your bone graft needs. Call today to find out what Beaverton Oral Surgeons can do for you!
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