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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Hillsboro, OR

Dental x-ray of a full mouth at Beaverton Oral Surgeons in Hillsboro, ORSometimes you need more than just a dental implant, implant supported denture or bone grafting. That is where a full mouth reconstruction comes in. Beaverton Oral Surgeons can upgrade your entire smile with the help of our expert dental surgeons.

The Basics

Full mouth reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like - rather than just touching up one tooth or fixing some crowded teeth, we give your entire mouth, from your teeth to your gums, a health upgrade. This means combining a number of treatments that work together synergistically to improve your smile. We consider everything from simple bonding treatments to fix chipped teeth, to advanced oral surgery to correct jaw defects. We go over every potential treatment with you, working together closely to keep you fully informed.

It is important to note that with a full mouth reconstruction the focus is on improving your health. While in practice this usually means that the appearance of your smile is improved too, as we extract or clean up decayed and damaged teeth, our priority during a reconstruction is always the health of your mouth. If you are looking to give the aesthetics of your smile a dramatic boost you should consider a smile makeover instead.

How a Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Benefit You

Most patients do not need something as drastic and comprehensive as a full mouth reconstruction. For those patients who do, though, the benefits of receiving a full reconstruction are enormous. Most of our patients who qualify for reconstruction have been dealing with discomfort, extensive tooth decay, advanced gum disease, missing teeth, and other conditions for years. These conditions can have serious impacts on their ability to live their lives normally, restricting what they can eat, creating speech impediments, and undermining their confidence in their smiles. You may qualify for a full mouth reconstruction if you have many diseased or damaged teeth, if you are missing several teeth, if you are affected by advanced gum disease or other decay, or if you suffer from a number of different congenital disorders.

What to Expect During a Full Mouth Reconstruction

It is hard to tell you exactly what you should expect during a full mouth reconstruction since every reconstruction is different. We design each one to be your personalized blueprint for a healthier smile, so no two reconstructions are exactly the same. You can expect that the process will not be a fast one. While some treatments might be fast, others can take much longer. Bone grafts and dental implants, for example, can require months to properly heal and integrate with your body.

Upgrade Your Entire Smile!

A full mouth reconstruction is the best way to go from a mouth full of unhealthy, unsightly teeth to the best smile of your life. Thanks to a full mouth reconstruction, you can not only get back your ability to smile with confidence, but you can be assured that with proper care, your newly improved teeth will be with you for the rest of your life. To learn more about this life-changing procedure, call Beaverton Oral Surgeons at (971) 249-8370 to schedule a consultation today!
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To learn more about full mouth reconstruction and other procedures we offer, call Beaverton Oral Surgeons at in Hillsboro, OR to schedule a consultation today!
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