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Injuries to the Teeth and Surrounding Dental Structures

dental patient after surgeryInjuries to the teeth and maxillofacial region are quite common and more than likely will require special treatments from multiple dental specialists. Tooth fractures can happen due to a number of reasons and are common among both adults and children. If a tooth gets knocked out, you must quickly place it in salt water or milk, as it can still be salvaged if reinserted into the socket before it is too late.

Injuries to the teeth and surrounding dental structures should never be taken lightly as it can impact your overall health too. Our oral health is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so if you ever suffer an injury to the oral cavity, see a dentist immediately. At Beaverton Oral Surgeons, we provide many kinds of dental services including care during dental emergencies.

Common Causes for Dental Injuries

Dental injuries can happen to anyone and must be treated very seriously. Although someone can lose their teeth to a number of causes, most teeth injuries happen due to falls, blunt trauma to the face, accidents during sporting events, and eating something too hard. Any of these reasons can lead to a fractured, chipped, or lost tooth.

When to See a Dentist

If you have suffered an injury to the face and suspect that your teeth may have been damaged in the process, see a dentist immediately. In case of major accidents, if the patient is having difficulty breathing, or there is a lot of blood, seek emergency medical care by calling an ambulance.

If it is a child, then clean the wound and help them calm down before analyzing the extent of the injury. You can then take them to your family dentist or doctor depending on whoever is closer. Apply gentle pressure to the site on the way to a dentist to stop the bleeding and do not attempt to treat the wound by yourself.

Treatments for Dental Injuries

Based on the nature of damage, tooth fractures can be minor (chipping of the outer layer) or major (vertical, diagonal, or horizontal features across cross-section). To prevent the damaged tooth from weakening any further, your dentist may choose to splint the tooth by bonding it to nearby healthy teeth. This will stabilize the tooth and allow it to heal.

In cases where the fracture is deep and penetrated through the pulp, a root canal procedure may be required to preserve the oral environment and prevent bacterial infection. If the tooth has suffered damage beyond repair, tooth extraction becomes necessary to protect the nearby teeth. The patient can then have one of the many dental restorations options to restore their teeth. Your dentist will periodically reevaluate the condition of the tooth over a period of two to four weeks and suggest additional treatments if necessary.

At Beaverton Oral Surgeons, we provide the best dental care to all of our patients. Be it a regular exam or emergency dental services, we are always prepared to serve our patients. To schedule an appointment, you can reach us at (971) 249-8370.

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